Thursday, January 1, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Merry, Merry Christmas everybody!

I don't have a ton to say or a ton of time because I got the opportunity to talk to some of you today (which was so wonderful).  However, I do want to share a little Christmas message with you all. Christmas is such a wonderful and special day. It is a day we get to take a break from work, school, and other activities and celebrate the most important thing in our lives, our Savior Jesus Christ. 

I am so incredibly grateful for my Savior and for all He has done for me and for every person that has ever lived. The more I learn about Him the more I am amazed by the humble way the King of Kings, the Beloved Son of God, came into the world.  I am amazed by the simplicity of his life and how he lived and how he showed His love to each person He met.  I am humbled by His sacrifice and how he suffered and gave His life for each one of us.  How he suffered so that He could know us perfectly, so that he could understand our feelings, our weaknesses, our trials.  How he suffered so that each one of us, as imperfect as we are, could overcome our sins and return to live with him and our families again.  I will love Him forever for this.

I hope that we can always remember this as we finish Christmas and begin a new year.  May we always carry Him in our hearts and strive to live our lives more like His.  I know that if we do this we can find true joy in this life and in the next.

By love He came into this world and by love He left it.  By love He will come again.  Let us all love like He loved.

Merry Christmas!


Hermana Carpenter

P.S. Today we opened presents, we made french toast, eggs, hash browns, and green smoothies for breakfast, talked with our families, hung out with the members and that is it!   
Opening Christmas Presents

Christmas Breakfast

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