Saturday, January 17, 2015

Received the gift of "tongue" this week...

Hola everybody!

So this week has been an interesting but good week. I'll start with the interesting stuff...

First off, I had my first experience with weird this member served this soup called posole, sounds harmless right. Well as soon as it was set in front of me I knew something was up. Sitting there in my soup was a nice bit piece of tongue. And it bounced...I'll be honest in that I couldn't bring myself to try it. The textures just get me. Hermana Poulsen and I just sneakily put the tongue parts of the soup In a napkin and threw it away. Crisis avoided...for now. 

Next interesting of our investigators, Ramone, declared his love for us over text on Friday. We haven't seen him since then so not sure exactly how that will play out...he's in his fifties though. Just a little weird however not surprising with how passionate he is. I'll keep you all updated on that though.

Now to the good stuff! We had Elder Baxter from the 70 come and speak at our Stake Conference this week. He has an awesome dry Scottish sense of humor and is super blunt but really really sweet. He talked a lot about overcoming sadness, trials, and dismay and how even when we are sad we should be able to smile because of the fact that we have the gospel in our lives and what a joyous thing that is. It really is true though. The gospel brings so much joy, peace, and hope into the lives of those who accept it. If I think about the root of all my joy and the good things in my life the gospel is at the root of it all.

We also had an awesome thing happen with one of our investigators this week. So before Christmas this investigator was not progressing because he wouldn't go to church because of work. However over the holidays he lost his job...which is sad but also great because not he is committing to come to church and even came to stake conference. He has been taught almost all of the lessons and believes it. We are going to extend a date this week for the end of the month. Hopefully he will accept! We are also working to reactivate his wife as well. They are the sweetest people and need the gospel! It is awesome though to see how the Lord Works.

Anyway, I am doing great! I hope that everyone has a good week!


Hermana Carpenter

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