Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Lord loves all His Children

Hey everyone!

So this week has been great!  So the investigator I was talking about last week, Benito, he is progressing greatly. We extended a baptism date to him this week for February 21 and he excepted.  He and his wife also came to church this week which was awesome (and necessary).  It is so amazing to see how much has changed since before Christmas.  Before Christmas we would invite them to do stuff and it always seemed like there was an excuse. Now though it is more like, of course we will do that, why wouldn't we do that? It is a testimony to me that the Lord truly does work with his children and knows what they need in order to come unto Christ. It is sad that it took losing his job but I know that the gospel will bring him a thousand times more joy and will help him to find a better job and have a better life. 

We also found this less active family last Sunday that we are going to be working with.  They are an awesome family that were baptized a few years ago but that let the questions and doubts they had get the better of them.  We hope we can help them to come back to church and realize that the only way we can find spiritual answers is through the spirit and through the gospel.  They might not come all at once but I know that as I pray and study the scriptures and words of the prophets and as I attend church I receive answers to my questions.  It has been amazing to feel too how much Heavenly Father loves this family and wants them to come back.  Every single morning mine and Hermana Poulsens studies were filled with revelation that was directed towards that family and how we need to help them. One talk that really stuck out to us is "Trifle Not With Spiritual Things" by Elder Kacher.  It talks about how when we have questions we need to have patience and turn to the Lord and that in time the answers will come.  I know that as we follow the spirit we will be able to help this family to remember why they joined the church and help them to come back into the fold.

One non gospel highlight of this week is the dinner we had yesterday with our members. We had Carne Asada and it was amazing! I love love love Mexican food (most of it  I definitely want to make more of that when I get home.  Also we did service at a members ranch which was fun! That is where the pictures are from.

Anyway, hope you guys have a great week!


Hermana Carpenter

Trunk permanently stuck in the mud

                                                                      Service Day!!!

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