Saturday, November 7, 2015


Well it is transfer time again, duh duh duh.  

We got the calls last night and I am being transferred to Modesto! I will be finishing up training Hermana Arevalo as well as training her as a Sister Training Leader. Oh and we are opening up a new area! These next couple of weeks are going to be busy.  I am sad to be leaving Manteca again but I am excited for the work ahead.  President Palmer said that the branch we will be in is close to becoming a ward.  Hopefully we will be able to help that to move forward through our efforts!

This week was good though.  We were instructed to stay in and find a way to "fulfill our missionary purpose" without leaving the apartment.  We took that to heart and went through our area books and cleaned them up a bit more and figured out what more we could do to help use them as a tool to find people.  We then cleaned a little bit and ate some Halloween candy.

Recently we have been putting a lot of our focuses on part-member and less-active family.  Many of the families in our ward have both of these so we have been trying to figure out what we can do to reach these members that are not participating in the gospel.  We decided with one of the families we would start holding a weekly Book of Mormon study.  Hermana L. who is the only active member of her family was delighted at the idea and so we commenced.  Last week was our first session and it was really good. Her non-member daughter-in-law joined us and her less-active husband who usually hides out while we are there came out and sat in for the closing prayer. This week the daughter-in-law was there again and hermano sat in for almost the entire reading session!  Hermana was all a glow.  I know it may not be anything huge but I just loved the feeling of sitting with the family reading from the scriptures and feeling the spirit. Hermana Sheffer and her new companion are going to keep working with them and hopefully there will be more from that.

Well that is about all I can think of for this week! Love you all!

Hermana Carpenter

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