Friday, May 22, 2015

Word of Wisdom (May 18th)

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been long. Really long.  However it has been filled with lot's of good appointments which is nice.  We have 4 investigators that are really great!  We have two investigators that are on date right now, but unfortunately they will both be attending the English ward.  We will keep teaching on of them because she is an older lady that prefers to have Sisters, and seeing as how we are the only sisters in Stockton we have been asked to teach her. The other is the daughter of a native Spanish speaker that just decided she wants to go to the English ward. Kind of a bummer for us but at least she is still going and is still progressing!

This week we also had two awesome lessons with our sweet older lady who I have named my Latino Grandma.  Anyway, she is so great because even though in the beginning she made it clear that she was Catholic, she has just absorbed everything we teach like a sponge.  This last week we taught her about the temple and about the spirit world and how families can be together forever.  The next time we came back it was like everything we had taught became a part of her.  We also had the opportunity to teach her about the Word of Wisdom.  As we talked about the reason God has given us a code of health and the blessings that come from it we were able to see her explain to us her ideas and her desires to have the blessings of this law in her life.  We set up a plan to help her overcome some of the struggles she has with the Word of Wisdom that she want's to change and we are so excited to see the changes that will come from living this.  I am so grateful for the Word of Wisdom and that God has revealed to us the dangers of using tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, coffee, and tea.  Even though I may not fully understand physically why it is these five things he has chosen, I have a testimony that as we avoid these things that the Lord will bless us.  Many people think that we are being restricted but I have never once felt that way.  Every time I see someone trapped in the bonds of addiction that come with many of these things I give thanks that I have the freedom to chose to do the things I love without having anything to hold me back.  I know that God has given us this law to protect us and also like any commandment, as we follow God's counsel he gives us so many more blessings. 

I am so grateful to be working with these people.  I love them so much and all I want to do is to help them to experience the fullness of the blessings that come as we live the principles of the gospel.  I know it may not always be easy but I do know that every bit of sacrifice we have to make to live it is worth it!

Anyway, I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!


Hermana Carpenter

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