Friday, May 22, 2015

The Simple Message of the Restored Gospel (April 27th)

Hola mi familia!

I hope that everything is going well back home!  This week has been such an awesome week.  I finally feel like all of the work Hermana Ka'a'a have done this transfer is finally paying off.  The Lord has blessed us with so many people to teach.  We are also finally getting member referrals which is awesome. This week it just seemed like everywhere we went there were new people to teach and people that were actually interested in what we had to say. It is so amazing to be able to teach the message of the restoration and watch as people open up their hearts and gain a desire to know for themselves.  One of my favorite things is when we start talking to someone and the first thing they say is that they're Catholic and they this wall up, but then as we talk to them and get to know them and share the restoration they open up.  They start asking questions and all of a sudden it doesn't matter that they are Catholic, all they want is to learn for themselves what the truth is and what God want's for them.

One thing that is a testimony to me that this is God's church is the fact that even the way we share the gospel is in line with God's plan for each of His children to have agency and to act for themselves.  I love that when we teach we are not trying to force them to believe what we say. We are not trying to tell them they are wrong.  Rather, we are simply there to tell them that we know there is something more and that they can know it for themselves.  We testify and then we invite them to put in action those things that we teach, to test it out, and to see if this message can change their lives.  Most of all I love that at the center of the message is the importance of asking God.  We know that He is the source of truth and light and that because we are his children and because he loves us that he will help us to know what is true.

Each day I seek to help others find the truth also reminds me of the importance of applying these same principles in my own life.  It is so sad to see how many people have fallen away because they stopped doing those small things like searching for truth, acting in faith, and praying for confirmation that what they are doing is right.  Even though they may seem too simple at times I have such a strong testimony that it is through these simple principles that we can keep our testimonies strong and find peace and joy in this life. This week I rededicated myself to doing each of these with a more sincere heart and with a greater desire to know the truth. I hope that each of you can do the same, especially if these things have been set on the back burner. I know that as you do you will be able to feel the peace that the gospel brings fill your life.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!


Hermana Carpenter

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