Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Birthdays and baptisms

Thank you everyone for all of the Birthday wishes via email, cards/letters, and packages! I have the best bunch of family and friends!

This week was so awesome.  Both the members and missionaries were so awesome.  My birthday morning started out with opening presents and cards.  We did studies, went and visited one of our recent converts and then we went and had lunch with Sister Palmer and all of the sisters from our zone and then had a little meeting where we talked about the work here in Lodi. She was so sweet and payed for all of us. It was awesome to get to know her one on one. I love her.  Sister Palmer then went with us to a lesson with another recent convert. Sister Palmer is trying to learn Spanish and it was so awesome to see her testify in a language that she hardly knows.  The spirit was so strong though! After that we went and tried visiting a couple of other people but no one was home.  After that we met up with Sister Wilson and Sister Allen and got ice cream sundaes from the Velvet Grill. They were delicious!  We had correlation after that and the Ward Mission Leader bought Dominoes (my fav.) and so we had pizza.  By the end of the day I was feeling a little sick because of all of the eating out and what not but it was all so good.  I feel so spoiled!

Also to make things even better my investigator, Claudia, from Stockton got baptized on Saturday!! She has been ready for a while but her schedule has been so crazy that they had to keep changing the date. I got a message early in the week though saying it was finally going to be happening.  It was great to be able to go back and see her and her mom who is also investigating, as well as the members and missionaries serving there.  I am so excited for her and how much I know this will bless her life.  

Beatrice was at church again this Sunday. I love her.  It is so awesome to see the change that has come over her these last few weeks.  She is so happy and you can tell she feels the peace of the gospel in her life.  I was so glad she was in church because in sacrament meeting they talked about temples and families.  I could feel the spirit testifying so strongly of how families can be eternal and that it is through the temple that we can all have that.  I know that she could feel it too.  After church she was talking about how she wants her other family members to come to church so that they can feel it too.  We are working on that. She has a lot of family though so we are hopeful! I am so grateful to be working with her and helping her move towards that goal of going to the temple one day.  

The work here is good though.  I am doing great!

I hope you all have a wonderful week this week.  Lot's of love!

Hermana Carpenter

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