Monday, June 22, 2015

So I don't have a brain tumor...probably

Hey everybody! So this week has been a very interesting week for me.  I will start out by explaining the subject so that you can stop freaking out, if you are.  

This week I went to the emergency room. Yay.  So sometime the week before last I started getting this weird shooting pain/sensation through my head.  It only happened like once a day but it definitely was not normal.  It would leave though as quickly as it came so I was just making a note of it every time it happened.  Then on Friday it happened three times and then I was also feeling dizzy and nauseous so I called the mission nurse to see what I should do.  I was thinking, this is really weird but there is a chance it is a migraine I just didn't know for sure because I have never had one and also my head didn't actually really hurt.  Anyway so I called her and explained what was happening and she said that she would get me a doctors appointment forMonday.  About thirty min later though she calls back and says "So I was talking with the medical director and we decided it is best that you don't wait until Monday since it is happening in your head" and so I was sent to the emergency room.  Now up until that point I was trying to convince myself it was just something minor but then because the medical director thought it could be something serious my mind skipped over everything minor it could be to "I have a brain tumor".  

We proceeded to go to the hospital while also canceling all of our appointments for the evening.  My wonderful companion Hermana Porter and I were trying to laugh about it but at the same time trying to brace ourselves for the worst.  We make it to the hospital and I get checked in and then they call me up to ask me about my symptoms and take my vitals and of course it was a 25ish year old guy taking my vitals and at this point I am at that stage where I don't know how to interact with any men that aren't elders or short and hispanic. So I just sat there awkwardly.  Then he goes, "hmmm it looks like your blood pressure is a little high" to which I am thinking "hmmm well I might just have a brain tumor and I am kind of freaking out inside so of course my blood pressure is going to be high".  Really though I just said, "Oh".  Then I had to wait a little bit to be called again.  When I got called it was another 25ish year old guy who had been assigned to take a CT scan of my brain. I awkwardly followed him back to the scan and the whole time he is referring to me as ma'am which was weird because I am not old but like I said I am now an awkward sister missionary who doesn't even know how to make small talk to be polite so I just didn't say anything.  He took a picture of my brain though and then they sent me back to the waiting room until there was a room ready.

Finally my room was ready and they took me back, I had to change into one of those hospital dress things that are super awkward and then they put on a heart monitor and took some of my blood (I hate needles).  Finally the doctor came in and boy wasn't she a ray of sunshine...she told me though that she had looked at my scan and that it didn't appear that I had any tumors in my brain (sigh of relief) but that I probably just had a migraine (reassuring, but pretty much had that figured out except for the fact that I couldn't look at my brain to be sure).  My mission nurse wasn't as reassured as I was and my companion and I thought they might have at it right there in the emergency room...needless to say it was a pretty anticlimactic ending to my day.  Turns out though that I have probably had a migraine all week and still do because since I have no pain the pain medications that the doctor prescribed did nothing. Yay.  I am alive though and probably don't have a brain tumor although I never actually saw the picture of my brain to be sure.  I can't wait until I am a doctor and can analyze all of my own stuff.  I don't trust other people to do it right, especially when they seem like they are mad at the world. 

Other than that though my week was good.  I am just trying to get to know my new area and the ward.  My companion is awesome and I am so excited to be with her for the next 8 weeks.  

Update on the mission split: next week I will officially be part of the California Modesto Mission. Part of this also means that I just got my mission extended for an additional two weeks because of how their transfer schedule is (also the reason I will be with my current companion for 8 weeks instead of 6).  I am sad but also excited to be part of this new mission.  

Well I hope every one has a wonderful week! I love you all!


Hermana Carpenter

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