Thursday, February 25, 2016

Family History

Hey everyone,

Sorry this is going to be a short increasing interest and desire to do family history work took up most of my emailing time. Basically I spent most of my time perusing and requesting the patriarchal blessings of my ancestors. Productive I know. Every time I get on though I realize there is so much more work to do than what I thought before my mission.

I think a lot of my increased desire has come from serving and teaching people who have hundreds of people waiting on them to do their work for them.  I feel such an urgency for them and they aren't even my family! In a way though they are depending on me as well. They are depending on me to be worthy of the spirit so that I can find, teach, and baptize their decedents so that they can have those precious ordinances of salvation preformed for them.  

We have a couple we are teaching, they are older, and have 9 kids.  My greatest desire right now is for them to continue on this path so that one day they can be sealed to one another and to all of their children. I want that blessing for everyone.  It is sad to see how many people don't realize that being with your family forever is even possible. That or they want it but don't realize that there is a price to pay to have that.  Are we paying that price? Are we paying the price so that others can have that blessing that means so much to each one of us?  I hope that we are, because our salvation depends on it!

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful week. Go do some family history or talk to someone that doesn't yet have a forever family!


Hermana Carpenter

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