Thursday, January 14, 2016

15 Months

15 months what?!?!

Not so sure where those went. My companion and I calculated it.  On a 100 year life scale I am 82.5 in mission years.  That didn't really help me feel better about my situation, ha.

This week has been really good though.  I had some great exchanges with the sisters I am over and some great conversations with some of the others. I have learned so much from the interactions I have had from them.

One thing that I have really been learning and also had may experiences with is concerning the importance of counseling, listening, and asking inspired questions.  This is hard, I am still not the best at it, but every once in a while I get it right and the experience is always amazing.

I had one such experience with one of the sisters this week.  She called me wanting to talk but I could sense she wasn't actually saying what she wanted to say.  We started by talking about her day and I did my best to listen and then say what the spirit told me to say/ask.  I knew that they were inspired because the chain led me to ask something that was very far from where we started.  As soon as I asked the question though she gave a response I wasn't expecting and started to cry.  
We were then able to counsel about it and I was able to share some experiences I had had with the same thing.  She closed by saying "I have some things to think about. I'm just glad to know I'm not crazy". It broke my heart to know she had been feeling like she was alone in something that every missionary, and I would gather to say that every member of the church goes through at some point.  I remember feeling alone with it too at first.  It was a sweet experience to know that because I had listened and followed the spirit I was actually able to address her needs.  

I love this way of teaching and serving.  Every time I am able to create this atmosphere with the help of the spirit I am able to learn just as much as I share.  I am grateful though to be learning this pattern of leadership.  I know that it is the Lord's way.

I am excited to keep applying these principles and being able to see the Lord's hand in working with his children, me included.

This week should be a good one. We have a zone training and the wedding/baptism of Al. We're excited!  

Hope you all have a wonderful week!


Hermana Carpenter

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