Monday, April 13, 2015

To be like Nephi

Hey Everyone!!

So things are just rolling along here in Stockton.  We have been working really hard to find investigators this last week or two because we had to drop basically all of the ones we were visiting because they were not progressing or we couldn't find them.  We have been focusing a lot of our efforts on past investigators, especially those that have been taught a lot.  We call those investigators eternigators.  We have met some really awesome people though and are really hoping that we will be able to find success with them.

This week I celebrated my six month mark. I got to hold puppies that day which was awesome and then we went to Dairy queen and got ice cream with an English member that was with us that night. Also I rode my bike for the first time this week, the weather was awesome but it was way more work than it is worth when you are driving as well.  Until the next 6 months bike!

I finished the Book of Mormon a couple of weeks ago and I started again so this last week I have been reading in 1 Nephi again and even though I have read this book a hundred times I am always impressed by different things.  This week as I was reading in Nephi 17 where Nephi was commanded to build a boat and while reading about this experience I was really impressed by how different Nephi's and Laman and Lemual's reactions are.  I think most of us are pretty familiar with the pattern of obedience we see with Nephi and the complaining we see with L & L but what impressed me about this is how these two reactions lead to two different consequences. Here is an outline of the pattern I noticed:

For Nephi:
1. Was commanded to do something
2. Went and did, without murmuring
3. Received more knowledge, direction, and testimony
4. Was strengthened and had increased ability to choose the right
5. Was happy despite of his trials

For Laman and Lemual
1. Given a commandment
2. Complained
3. Finally convinced to keep the commandments
4. Complained while keeping the commandment
5. Received no further knowledge or testimony
6. Fell into wickedness

From this I just learned how much our attitudes towards the commandments and following can affect us.  This applies wholeheartedly to missionary work too.  Doing the work with a good attitude and a grateful heart makes all of the difference, especially on those days where no one want's to talk to you and all you do is knock on unanswered doors. I hope that we can all choose to be like Nephi and go and do the Lord's commandments with a thankful heart.  I know that as we do we will be given the strength and direction we need to keep those commandments and find joy!

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week! Hope you enjoy the pictures.


Hermana Carpenter

Celebrating my 6 month mark!

First time riding the Bike

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